MBBS in Philippines has become quite a rage. Students from all over the world, especially India wish to pursue medicine from this country. It is undeniable that students consider it for a lot of reasons. Some of the reasons are

1. Value of Course

Although there is no such course as MBBS in Philippines, however the medicine course in Philippines is known as MD (Doctor of Medicine). This course comprises of 2 parts – BS (The pre-medical course which is for 1.5-2 years) and the MD Program (Which is for 4 years). The entire course of 5.5-6 years holds great value, both locally and internationally, especially in countries like India, USA, UK, etc. The course is considered to be a good one, and the students get great opportunities in all these countries because of the teaching methods and the value of the prestigious colleges.

Therefore, Indian students who are studying in Philippines can practice medicine anywhere- be it India, Philippines, or any other country. Even countries who are considered to be top-tier countries welcome students from Philippines with open arms.

2. Indian Food

Food for Indian students is never a problem in Philippines, as Philippines is a country where Indian food is supremely popular. Indians get a variety of dishes when it comes to having Indian food. Gujarati, Jain and even North-Indian- you name it, and there is that kind of food available. In fact, all colleges of Philippines have special food arrangements for Indian students wherein they are served Indian dishes in the mess of the college. Vegetarian dishes are taken special care of for students who are pure vegetarian.

3. Duration of Program

The duration of the BS+MD course in Philippines is very similar to that of India’s MBBS program. The Medicine course in Philippines lasts for about 5.5 – 6 years, which varies from college to college. However, the time taken to complete the course is similar to that of the Indian program of medicine.

4. Climate

The weather in Philippines is excellent, as it generally has a tropical weather. The weather is more or less like India’s weather which is neither very cold, nor very hot. Hence, it does not take much effort for Indians to settle in Philippines in terms of adjusting with the weather. Other countries might have super-hot or extremely cold weather conditions, which becomes slightly tedious for Indian students to adjust.

5. Disease Pattern

Being similar in weather conditions and living style, the disease pattern is more or less similar in Philippines. Basically, when a student undergoes internship during the final year of the MBBS program, at that time, they need to closely work with patients. Now, if the country has a similar disease pattern, that would surely help the students get more experience in the diseases which are mostly there in their home country. This way, they will be well-experienced according to India too. Having diseases which are not there in India will surely give you an experience, but that experience would not be put to use later when the student decides to practice in India.

6. Strong 2080 Hour Internship

There is a strict 2080-hour internship during the last year of the MD program. The students are divided into groups and all groups serve different departments at different times. All students are made to cover all aspects of medicine, like Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Surgery, Pulmonology, Gynecology and much more. This way, students can also decide their specialty for later practice and further higher education.

Please check this CHED Circular about Policy, Standard & Guidelines for Medicine program in The Philippines (Check Clause 6.2)


7. Highest FMGE Percentage

Philippines has the 2nd highest FMGE percentage rate, right after Bangladesh, which surely increases the value of the MD program of Philippines. This Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, also known as FMGE is done for international students as a means of screening test which is basically to test their skills, knowledge and ability to work in the country.

8. USA Curriculum – Direct Gateway To USA

The country, Philippines follows a USA based curriculum which is the 10+4+4 curriculum. The students need to attend high school till grade 10, after which they need to attend the BS program for 4 years, and the MD program for 4 years. Similarly, the education pattern is same in USA.

Hence, the education pattern being the same, the students who are studying MBBS in Philippines’ colleges also get a direct gateway to USA. These students can apply for hospitals who have vacancies in USA. All they need to do is sit for an exam which is conducted by the US Healthcare Department, after clearing which, they can get their medical licence which helps them to practice in USA. In fact, not just USA, students who are studying in Philippines can get a direct access to all countries if they wish to practice there, including India, as the education of Philippines is highly accredited.

9. Internship Validity

The internship program of one whole year, after the third year is considered to be great as it is valid in India also. A lot of people have this perception where they think that they need to do another internship in India, if they wish to practice here. But, in a recent notice by MCI, it has been made crystal clear that if a student undergoes Internship in Philippines for one whole year, they need not do another internship here in India.

Also, the internship program offered in Philippines is great as great quality of education is promised here along with professional mentors who guide and teach the students.

10. No Language Barrier

The official language of Philippines is English, which means that the medium of teaching here, in this country is strictly English. This way, students do not have to learn an additional language and communication does not become a barrier here. In other countries, a lot of universities insist on learning the language so that students can communicate better.

However, in Philippines, the official language is English, and most of the people speak this language so that the communications are always hassle-free, and there is no need at all to learn another language. Rather, student can focus and spend that much time on their course and preparing for various exams.

11. High Indian Population

There are a lot of Indians living in Philippines. All universities have a high number of Indian students, which make students feel comfortable among their own people. The number of Indian in totally is really high, making it a great factor to consider for all Indian students who are thinking of Philippines as one of their options when it comes to studying MBBS abroad.

12. Low Fees & Lifestyle Expense

The total fees of the MD program in Philippines is somewhere around 25-35 Lakhs, and the living expense too differs from city to city, but is still not much, because basics cost more like India.

Hence, the cost of living in the country, especially if you are a student who is renting their own private apartment, is not much high.

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