The Philippines is becoming a popular hub for MBBS students from India for all the right reasons. A lot of students who have completed a BSc in India wish to pursue MBBS from the Philippines. But the real question out here is, can you really study MBBS in the Philippines if you have completed BSc in India?

The answer to this question is simple- Yes, you can become a doctor in 4 years if you have completed your BSc in India. 

This is possible because MBBS in the Philippines is divided broadly into two parts- BS and MD. The BS part of the course is the pre-medical part, which you do not have to study again if you have already completed your BSc from India.

A great requirement by the Indian student to take admission in MD would be to complete NMAT, which is the National Medical Admission Test, which is mandatory after the BSc course if the student wishes to go for MD.

Talking about MBBS in the Philippines, the universities and the country is filled with quality education and have a great scope of work. Indian students prefer the Philippines for many reasons, and that is the reason why the country is gaining a lot of popularity for studying MBBS or MD.

Talking about MD, this program in the Philippines is for four years, out of which the fourth year is the rotational clinical internship, wherein students are trained in all areas of medicine.

The internship, too, is valid in India as the Medical Council of India approves the internships done abroad in universities recognized by the MCI. After completing your internship program of 1 year from a college in the Philippines, students do not have to repeat the internship as they are valid and valued in India, making the whole MBBS or MD program in the Philippines for four years.

So, if you have already done your BSc and long to become a doctor, then the Philippines could be a great option for you. After finishing up with MBBS, students are offered jobs in various countries, especially the USA, as the curriculum is quite similar between both the countries. So, if you are making up your mind for MBBS in the Philippines, then our suggestion would be to not think twice and just grab it before you lose it.


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