Students are getting plenty of options these days, when it comes to choosing the best medical college in Abroad. Be it India, Russia or Philippines, counsellors representing each country are sharing their pros and cons regarding every country, which confuses the students to a great extent.

Be it Russia, or Philippines, both have their own set of pros and cons. Whether to study MBBS in Philippines or Russa is an extremely tough choice to make.

Let’s look at some difference between the countries and their education system, so that you can make a more informed choice.


1. Duration

Russia- MBBS in Russia is for 6 years. Students can take direct admission in the MBBS after completing Class 12th.

Philippines- The MBBS duration in Philippines is 5.5-6 Years.

Students need to undergo a pre-medical course, known as BS, first, which can be for 1.5-2 years, depending upon the college. Philippines follow same education structure being followed in USA or Canada.


2. Medium of Communication

Russia- The medium of communication in Russian Universities can be –
• Russian for the complete course
• Bilingual (First 2 or 3 years in English and then in Russian language)
• English for the complete course

A lot of universities are bilingual, but staff and faculty end up communicating in Russian, which makes it extremely tough for Indian students to communicate and understand what is being taught in classes.

Philippines- As Philippines had been a USA colony for more than 70 years its education system makes it mandatory for students to study English in School Education. Similar to India, English is the secondary language in Philippines. Just like in India, English is widely used in Philippines as a secondary language. Therefore, the medium of teaching in all medical college is English. Hence, communicating and understanding becomes super easy for Indians in Philippines.


3. Cost of Education

Russia – If you choose a University with English medium of teaching, the tuition fees for most of the Universities in Russia range for 2–4 lakhs per year. This would include accommodation, food, and other extra expenses. In total, MBBS in Russia will cost you around 25-35 Lakhs for 6 Years. But, if you go for a university which is based in Moscow, then the living expenses will be much more.

Philippines – In Philippines, the whole course would cost somewhere around 25-35 lakhs, depending on the MBBS Colleges in Philippines.

Here is a list of MBBS universities in Philippines, and their fees structure.



4. Clinical Exposure

Russia – Russia is a very big country in terms of Geographical land Mass. Population density is not high and local people only speak Russian. This brings a relatively low patient exposure in the hospitals to the students. Also because of Language barrier there is generally a local doctor translator due to which there is always a gap in patient to intern interaction and clinical diagnosis.

Philippines – Philippines is a sea locked country with very high population density. In any hospital the patient inflow is very high and also there is not language barrier. This makes the communication between Patient and Medical Intern very good and brings a lot of practical and clinical understanding for the students.

One important point to know is that any student who possess good clinical knowledge will only be able to survive the competition I form of NEXT Exam directly competing from MBBS In India students.

Please check this video for understanding the detail about NEXT Exam and iit’s implications on MBBS Abroad students.


5. Food and Accommodation

Russia- You can either live in campus, or rent out an apartment, which is equally cost-effective. However, living on campus turns out to be more expensive that living outside privately.
You can either choose to live on campus or you can also rent an apartment with your friends which is very cost effective. Living on campus is usually a little bit more expensive than living outside campus.

Food and accommodation will cost you around 18,000 Rupees per month on campus and out-campus, around 15,000 Rupees per month.

Philippines- Food and accommodation in Philippines is quite reasonable. The food options are unlimited, as you can get a lot of Indian food too with options like North Indian, South Indian, Separate Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Mess etc. When we talk about accommodation, students can go for in-house accommodation, and private accommodation too as college hostels are not mandatory.

Monthly expense in both cases would be around 15,000-20,000 INR.
You can also check out this video to check out the expenses in Philippines. 


6. Education Pattern

Russia – Medical universities in Russia follow the ECTS i.e., European Credit Transfer System. During the first three years, students are made to focus on theory, and then in the 3 last year, they are made to bring out their theoretical knowledge, and execute it into being practical. And that’s when clinical clerkship comes into play.The catch here is that 100 Percent attendance is mandatory in the practical classes.

Philippines – Philippines follows USA system of education, wherein the first 3 years are non-clinical, and the next 1 year is clinical clerkship wherein the students are made to focus on practical training.


7. Weather and Disease Pattern

Russia – Russia is a cold country, but the weather might differ from city to city. The winters last for good 4-5 months, with snowfall in most regions. Temperatures could vary between -5 degrees, and can go as low as -30 degrees. This could be a major problem for all Indian Students. Russia being a cold country, India might not have the same disease pattern which are weather and cold related. Hence, disease pattern could be different in India, and students doing their internship in Russia would not be getting experience of Indian diseases.

Philippines – On the other hand, Philippines being a tropical country has similar weather and disease pattern like in India. Hence, students benefit a lot from the clinical clerkship offered at universities of Philippines.
So, to answer your question, if you want to choose one, MBBS in Philippines is much more beneficial, because of the following factors –

• Use of English language for both education and communication with locals.
• Tropical weather
• Better clinical exposure

There is no denial that Russia is also a good country for MBBS, but you would have to be very careful while choosing a university in Russia, which has English as its main medium of communication.


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