When it comes to pursuing MBBS in Philippines, all students must go through a BS program first, before enrolling themselves for the MD program. All students who are going to Philippines, would be attending this pre-medical course, which is known as BS in Philippines.

However, the trickiest question is if this one-year BS program in India valid for MBBS in Philippines?

Well, let me explain this answer to you keeping in mind all of the technicalities. Basically, all medical colleges in Philippines are regulated by memorandums of CHED (Commissioner of Higher Education), wherein, all the colleges have to adhere to the policy frameworks laid by CHED.

As per CHED memorandum order 62,Series of 2016, a clear policy and guidelines has been laid for Transnational Education (TNE) Programs.

This policy states that outbound TNE Programs can only be carried out in other countries or graduate courses, that is BS Biology, AB Psychology etc. However, these cannot be run for the 4-year MD medicine program as the Philippines Medical Act doesn’t allow the MD program to run out of the Philippines.

So, for the students who are going for 1 year BS in India, it becomes crucial to check the following points:

1. It’s important to check whether BS (Pre-medicine) is part of CHED Approved Transnational Education (TNE) Programs. If affirmative, students should ask for a letter of approval from CHED for running the off campus TNE program.

The letter would look something like this:

2. Check the course curriculum in detail along with credit distribution of BS program subject wise. Also check the TOR (Transcript of Records) Copy which will give you exact idea of the subject wise distribution.

3. Confirm with the university about the degree being provided post completion of BS program as post completion, Philippine’s students are provided with 2 degrees for BS+MD separately.

4. Beware from the university in The Philippines which gives BS degree from another partner university which can land you in serious trouble. This will also create serious issues for you in your bank loan process as the degree will be different from another college Vs the one you applied for.

5. Apart from CHED approved TNE program any other program conducted for BS in India does not hold any legal validity and can create issues.

Apart from these points, always remember to verify the facts in detail, especially about the accreditations and just not come in the trap of false promises made by universities and the Indian consultants, as they might be doing this for monetary gains.

Hence, it wholly solely becomes the responsibility of the students and the guardians to check all facts and figures correctly before enrolling in a university.


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