Studying MBBS in the Philippines is gaining a lot of popularity, but for all the right reasons. Many Indian students are shifting their focus from Indian colleges to universities in the Philippines, which are offering the same course of the same value. However, many of the students often wonder if MBBS internship from the Philippines acceptable in India OR they need to do an Internship in India after graduating.

The answer to this is – Students can, but it is not mandatory. MBBS in the Philippines is generally for four years, from which the last year is a complete 12-month rotating clinical clerkship, wherein the students are trained practically in all areas. 

When we talk about doing a similar internship in India, according to MCI, this clerkship is made valid in India, so there is no need to do an internship again if you have passed out from a medical college in the Philippines.

This notice from the MCI states that Indian medical graduates from foreign universities can undergo internships in their respective countries and be accepted in India. According to this notice, no student needs to undergo another internship in India if they have already completed their education and internship from other universities recognized by MCI. And for your information, the Philippines also falls under this category. Most colleges in the Philippines are recognized by MCI, which allows you to work in the Philippines after completing your course directly. Hence, your internship is also valid in India.

While talking about internship, it is also important to note that the internship programs offered which are known as clinical rotation is for an entire year. Medical students serve their period in each department like Ear nose throat, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Surgery and much more, so that they are able to gain hands on practice. One more point favoring this question of “is mbbs internship from the philippines acceptable in india” is that as per MCI guidelines countries which offer 1 complete year are acceptable in India. Like wise Indian MBBS education 1 year dedicated internship gives a great exposure to the students of patient exposure thereby making their medical learning complete

MBBS Colleges in Philippines take this one year very seriously, as this is the stepping stone for success for all medical students undergoing MBBS in Philippines. This internship is highly regarded and valued in India as well. The internship programs add up beauty and more value to the MBBS program in Philippines, making it prestigious and renowned all over the world. 

The Philippines is a popular destination among Indian students as the universities offer plenty of facilities, and fees is also reasonable. The course duration is also similar to India’s MBBS. The internship is acknowledged in India, making the country a hot destination for students who wish to pursue medicine in Philippines. 


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