MBBS in Philippines is grabbing all the possible hype. However, a lot of aspiring students have tons of questions in their minds. There are plenty unknown facts and myths that are spread by consultants of MBBS abroad Due to benefits provided to them, they tend to promote only one particular university and spread fake news about others. However, students should research in depth whilst taking admission in MBBS in Philippines.

At Get My University, we provide true facts and figures, and here we are going to tell you some advantages of taking admission in MBBS in Philippines.

– The validity of internship in Philippines is in several countries, including India.

–  There is no need to learn any other language since Philippines is an English-speaking country.
– The country offers a similar climatic condition like India, so adjusting with the weather is not an issue.
– The curriculum is almost like the USA; however, the fee is quite affordable and reasonable.

However, where there are advantages, there sure are some disadvantages too! Among many advantages, a chronic problem faced with colleges of Philippines is overadmission.

This over filling of students in the BS course than there are the seats of MD course becomes a problem for Indian students. Another problem never told by few consultants about these medical colleges of Philippines is that the BS course, which is mandatory before the MD course is not valid in India. And yet, some consultants promote it.

To understand these issues in depth, Get My University has also come up with two videos that you can watch and understand in detail as selecting the university is a crucial step that will carve your way to success.


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