MBBS in foreign countries is gaining a lot of popularity these days. Be it Ukraine, Bangladesh, Russia or Philippines, all of these countries are becoming a favorite hub of all Indian students.

All these countries are compared on various levels. But the cost of the course and the living expense becomes one of the key factors.


BANGLADESH – Talking about Bangladesh, the tuition fee alone costs about 30-50 lakhs for a period of 5 years. Now, if you add up the fees, hostel, mess and other added expenses, it goes even higher.

Moreover, you have to pay a huge amount of fees in universities of Bangladesh in the 1st year itself. For instance, if the fee of the college is 30 lakhs, you might have to pay 16-18 lakhs in the 1st year itself, and the rest of it later in the upcoming 4 years.

UKRAINE – In Ukraine, the fees, hostel, food and miscellaneous cost would be covered in about 25-35 Lakhs. The living expenses of this country are quite similar to that of Philippines.

RUSSIA – In Russia, the entire course along with living expenses would cost you anywhere between 25 Lakhs to 65 Lakhs, depending upon the city and the university you choose. The colleges in Moscow come with a budget of 45 Lakhs.

NEPAL – In Nepal, the entire course can be covered in around 45 to 55 Lakhs. This fees could differ from government universities to private universities.

Talking about Philippines, the entire MBBS course in Philippines, along with hostel, food and added expenses would cost students 28 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs. Cost of Medical education in Philippines also depends on the tuition fee and the living expenses of the city you choose to be in.

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