The Philippines is a great place to study medicine. The kind of facilities this country provides, along with quality education, make the premium institutes of the Philippines famous and credible for their MBBS degree.

 However, many students often question whether or not they can practice as a doctor in the US after they are through with their MBBS in the Philippines.

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward. Yes, of course, you can take up a doctor’s job in the US after completing MBBS in the Philippines. However, it would be best if you were sure that the World Directory of Medical Schools must recognize the college from which you are completing your education. If it is, then you are automatically eligible to appear for the USMLE. In total, there are about 47 colleges in the Philippines which WDOMS recognizes. Accordingly, you can choose your medicine program.

 MD (Doctor of Medicine) in the Philippines is as good as a degree of MBBS in India. But many people tend to confuse it with the post-graduate degree that India offers. 

 After being through with your initial education, you can apply for the USMLE Step 1 and gradually proceed to the following steps, after which you will be eligible to apply in different hospitals in the USA.

 Adding to that, studying medicine in the Philippines gives you another benefit: the Philippines and USA curriculum is almost the same. Both the countries follow the BS and MD systems. Some of the subjects taught are also similar during the course. This could be one of the significant reasons why plenty of doctors and nurses in the USA are from the Philippines. That means, what is taught in the USA is also taught at most of all Medical Universities in Philippines. 

Medicine students studying in the Philippines would also be enlightened to know that the Philippines shares a special relationship with the USA, as the Philippines provides many skilled workers from the Philippines to the USA, especially nursing staff and doctors. 

Students who have done their MD from the Philippines can also apply for internships in hospitals of the USA, as they are highly preferred in these countries since they are English speaking and have completed their education from prestigious colleges.

 This special connection between the two countries acts as a boon for all the medical students wishing and dreaming of pursuing their medical careers in the USA.

In a nutshell, if you are studying medicine in the Philippines, be assured of your options being open worldwide, as the degree is recognized and valued all over the world.     


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