Studying MBBS in Philippines is becoming super popular these days, and that too, for all the right reasons. Let’s look at some of the points, which people consider the most while opting for colleges of Philippines. These are few of the pros of studying MBBS in Philippines.


1. Curriculum
The MBBS course in India is known as MD in Philippines, as it is done after a pre-medical course that is known as BS program. Philippines follows US System of education, that is, BS and MD course. The curriculum is too similar to US study system. A lot of universities have faculty who have studied and practiced in USA. The education system in Philippines does not have extra subjects like History, Physics, Mathematics, etc.

Medical Universities of Philippines also help in preparing for USMLE, as syllabus is similar.

2. Affordability
Philippines as a country is extremely affordable. Daily living is as good as India, and costs almost the same. When talking about curriculum, the whole MBBS program can be completed in 30-40 lakhs, which includes the pre-medical program along with MD.

3. Language
International students face a lot of problem when it comes to language. However, most medical institutions in Philippines use English as a medium of communication. Moreover, the clinical experience, too, is a waste if you are not able to understand the language only, or explain your point.

But, with Philippines, there is absolutely no need to learn another language as most people here speak in English.

4. Disease Pattern
There are different diseases in all countries, because of the different environment, living style, food habits, etc. It is said that if students study MBBS in other countries, they do not get the experience of Indian diseases.
Philippines being a tropical country has similar weather to that of India so the disease pattern is almost similar to that of India which makes Philippines the most preferable option if you wish to study overseas. Also, the bonus point is there is no need to do an internship again after completing your course in the Philippines.

5. Duration
The total MBBS program in India is for 5 years in total. 1 year BS program is a compulsory program in Philippines. After which, the next 4 years comprises of the MBBS program. The last year of the MBBS is dedicated to clinical internship in which students are required to practice what they have taught theoretically.

You can also go through this video, to understand more about living and studying in Philippines, so that you can make an informed choice.

6. Hub for Indian Students to study MBBS
Philippines is the hub for many Indian MBBS students; therefore, you will always find faces for your own country which makes the living environment much better.

7. Wide Variety of Food Options
The country offers a wide range of food options for Indians, as the country has a wide variety of Indian food, even Gujarati and Jain meal option.

8. Friendly & Hospitable Citizens
The citizen of Philippines are known to be extremely friendly and hospitable. Therefore, adjusting in a new country does not become very difficult.

In a nutshell, Philippines is a great country to study MBBS and gain experience. The country’s education system is such that it also allows a lot of Indian students to practice medicine outside Philippines and India. There are plenty of students who have studied from Philippines, but are practicing in other countries like USA, Canada, etc.


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